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Environmental and energy qualities / certifications

Environmental Certification as an element of transition to the buildings of tomorrow.

Environmental concerns are addressed according to applicable standards. Officials and citizens, our commitments claimed result in constructions that combine resource conservation, eco-friendly solutions, friendly and functional living spaces and full inclusion in the life of the community.

High environmental quality is our minimum to respect. The environmental approach is a voluntary process that allows building owners to enhance current best practices and to recognise the environmental and energy performance of buildings according to a grid with different targets, such as energy management, health quality of air, pollution, and more precisely, to reduce the impact of construction on the environment.


Whether on new or existing buildings, GSE has developed a mastery of the certification on the main labels of the market.



High Environmental Quality is a French approach. It aims at limiting the environmental impacts of a building or a rehabilitation operation at short and long term, and at guaranteeing healthy and comfortable living conditions for occupants. A certified building can attain one of four levels: Good, Very Good, Excellent, Outstanding.




LEED is a North-American system for standardising buildings of high environmental quality. A certified building can attain one of four levels: certified, silver, gold or platinum.



BREEAM is the British reference in terms of sustainable building and has become the standard method of assessment used de facto for describing a building’s environmental performance. A certified building can attain one of five levels: Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent, Outstanding.



The "Green Building 3 stars" Chinese label is handled by the Ministry of Housing and Urban and Rural development. Buildings are certified by China’s ecological label office at the China Green Technology Center.

As a first step, the building can be awarded the "Green Building Design“ label, which allows the building to be commercialized as a green building. Then, in the second phase, the building may be awarded the "Green Building Operation“ label.



But we also support our customers for DGNB * certifications in Germany or Green Rating in Europe.

Moreover, GSE is a member of the evaluation committee for the logistics buildings branch.