The GSE LAB, a group of experts

Digital innovations / BIM

The 2020s are close and nothing is as before. Connected living has become a reality and this is only the beginning. This new lifestyle where we can communicate, monitor, act remotely with interfaces between man and machine is an invitation to rethink the way of life in its professional environment. This major concern is one of the pillars of reflection guiding the GSE Lab and its actions.

20 years after the industry or the automobile, the building is finally digitalized. BIM is a revolution in construction habits. It is a work process that is based on a digital model to better manage the design, construction and operation of a building.

Smart and connected buildings that allow imagining an entirely new way of life:

  • Information systems perfectly integrated into the design to facilitate the work of operators and providers. 
  • Simplify and streamline collaboration between players in the same building with the BIM (Building Information Modeling).
  • Controlling energy consumption without detracting from user comfort (thermal, visual, acoustic).
  • Remote control of building (heating, lighting...).
  • Safety first, even if the building is occupied or not.
  • Communication and interaction of appliances and equipment between them.
  • Local energy production.


BIM benefits

  • Even more efficient design A better managed building
  • Better communication with stakeholders
  • Efficient facility management using BIM data

GSE uses BIM for optimizing your project at all stages from design through the building operation.


Our field of expertise in BIM includes :

  • 3D renderings, virtual and enhanced reality
  • Design processes based on BIM models
  • Exploitation of BIM data: quantities, lists of materials, location plans for interior finishes, space management, etc.
  • Daylight studies with simulations (sunshine, shadows on office facades)
  • Thermal studies (calculation, STD, etc.) 
  • Environmental studies with life-cycle analysis
  • 3D site works schedule
  • Clash detection and resolution
  • A model for “As-built” files