The GSE LAB, a group of experts

A group of experts

The GSE Lab is an operational think-tank bringing together experts capable of undertaking the artchitectural challenges of the 21st century with a strong focus on "a place I'd like to work" spirit. They imagine intelligent facilities open to digital technologies. They think in terms of eco-citizenship and incorporate well-being initiatives at the core of daily working life.

Bringing together skills in architecture, digital innovation and the environment, the GSE Lab is driving new ideas and developing innovative solutions to challenge the four major challenges of construction:

  • The Energy and Environmental Transition
  • The Digital Transition
  • Guarantee results rather than means
  • Provide comfort and conviviality in buildings to improve occupant productivity


The lab possesses its own team dedicated to digital innovation composed of:

  • 5 BIM managers
  • 1 BIM specialist
  • 1 Smart Buildings engineer
  • 1 Interior designer