Our history

Founders Michel and Jean-Pierre Hugues created GSE in 1976 and invented a new business: Turnkey Contractor. This business is characterised by the turnkey design and construction of real estate development projects for professional use. It comes with contractual guarantees in terms of price, completion deadline and commitment to results. The group, currently composed of a number of entities in France and abroad, has managed to apply this approach to the corporate real estate sector.

The 1980s: accelerating the development

GSE gains the trust of major clients such as the Auchan and Danone groups, by completing multiple projects for their numerous establishments.


The 1990s: launching logistics platforms and supporting clients on all markets.

GSE is involved in the launch of numerous logistics park programmes in Europe alongside developers such as Gazeley and Prologis. Convinced of the universal nature of the Turnkey Contractor approach, the group's leaders decide to export this concept to support their clients wherever they invest in Europe as well as China. Plants, laboratories, office buildings, logistics platforms are supplied for new clients such as Schneider Electric, Alstom, Michelin, etc.


1999 : Acquisition of the Michel Ferrier Engineering (MFE) Company

This merger helps extend GSE's offer to more technologically advanced industrial operations. This acquisition is also consistent with the group's strategic decision to gain a foothold in the Rhône-Alpes region.


2003 : Creation of CCR (Compagnie des Contractants Régionaux or Regional Contractors Company).

The objective of this company is to create the first national network of General Contractors working for SMEs and CAC 40 listed firms with projects in the regions, thereby completing GSE's offer. Proximity is of the essence to CCR, hence the creation of branches throughout the French territory. The GSE group was created.


2010 : The GSE group takes over GAM Ingénierie

With this acquisition, the GSE group was able to integrate the design and construction of retail premises in France and abroad. The group is pursuing its diversification strategy. 


2015 : GSE adoptes a single redesigned  historical trademark

All the group’s teams and business activities are now under a single trademark, GSE: CCR has become GSE Régions and GAM has become GSE Ingénierie.