Our types of contracts

As en engineering company, GSE can support you during the preliminary phases of your project’s programming and design by means of a study agreement’s contract, and then carry out this project within a contractual framework of general contractor guaranteeing price, deadlines and quality.

The study contract

It refers to the design and engineering phase of a project. The study contract incorporates the tasks of programming, feasibility or technical development, the detailed cost estimation, the preparation of consultation files or requests for administrative authorizations.

The productions resulting from this contract allow shaping and documenting an implementation proposal. The contracting authority thus has the possibility to freely choose its operating mode: to re-compete, to conclude with a turnkey contract according to multiple legal variations.


The turnkey construction contract

The Contract of General Contractor defines the GSE commitment and formalizes the obligations of each party.

Its object is the realization of a set of studies and works for the construction of a building.

Based on a dossier resulting from the above-mentioned study phase or from a set of descriptive, technical and graphic documents defining the project in the most intelligible way, the contract is based on 3 major commitments:

  • the guarantee of the overall and fixed price,
  • the guarantee of the delivery time,
  • the guarantee of quality and respect of services.

The other provisions of the contract specify the legal environment of the project.