Our project management

Whether you are an investor, developer, contracting authority or user, contact GSE to benefit from a global offer for the design/completion of your real estate projects.

Throughout all stages of your project, you will benefit from the dedicated team: Sales engineer, Project manager, and the assistance of experts: study managers, energy and electrical engineers, legal and insurance managers, etc.

A team, experts: all the skills necessary for the success of your projects.

  • THE SALES ENGINEER/PROJECT ENGINEER COMBINATION monitors the operation on a daily basis, from the initial contact during the design phase until the end of the one-year faults warranty period.
  • THE STUDIES DEPARTMENT supports the combination until the contract is signed and guarantees design pertinence and the competitiveness of the commercial offer.
  • THE INSURANCE DEPARTMENT is involved at all stages of the project to propose appropriate guarantees for optimal coverage.
  • THE FINANCE DEPARTMENT offers advice on the implementation of financial arrangements.
  • THE QUALITY DEPARTMENT monitors compliance with best practices and the high quality level of the completed structures.
  • THE UTILITIES DEPARTMENT clearly identifies building needs in terms of technical services relating to the building's activity.
  • THE PURCHASING DEPARTMENT develops an effective and responsive supply chain regardless of the country concerned and helps provide the best service at the best possible price.
  • THE LEGAL DEPARTMENT analyses whether the contract is well-balanced and monitors the smooth completion of the operation with regard to the regulations.
  • THE SAFETY DEPARTMENT sets up procedures at all stages of the project. These procedures are compiled in a health & safety charter.
  • THE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT DEPARTMENT is part of our strategy to maintain our position as a major corporate property player. Its purpose is the continuous improvement in the quality and added value of our offer.