Our expertise by building typology

Retail premises

Commercial spaces: supermarkets, retail parks, shops in the city centre.

We provide supermarket and retail park developers a complete service, from the earliest stages of the project to after sales service.

From the choice of site location to the technical and architectural design, from the administrative procedures for the turnkey construction to supporting our customers in the proper maintenance of the structure, we offer a comprehensive approach and perfectly managed commercial real-estate.

Customers of our customers are our customers.

Our positioning, very much upstream in each project, allows us to conduct urban planning studies, formalise administrative records, assess the sites for their sale to investors or developers, or support our customers in completing the legal, financial and administrative formalities of their project.

Our role is not limited to the simple design and construction of the commercial building, it also covers the interior design work of common and private spaces, with particular sensitivity to the needs of end customers.

More than a shopping mall, it is a centre of attraction that we need to design, a place that incites you to make multiple visits.