Our expertise by building typology

Research and development centres / Laboratories

Your R&D centre or laboratory is strategically important to your activity.

The development and improvement of your techniques and products help anticipate your customers' expectations while consolidating your competitive position on your market.

GSE supports this approach and assists you in the definition, design and construction of your Research and Development centres and laboratories, with contractual commitments to the price, deadline and quality of the structure.


Your issues

  • Your Research and Development centre must help anticipate the evolutions on your market
  • The quality and technical capacity of your R&D centre must be second to none and extremely reliable
  • The working environment of your researchers and laboratory technicians must be adapted to your constantly evolving operating methods
  • Your R&D centre must convey the innovative image of your company



Our solution

  • thorough understanding of your processes and issues
    to give you the best possible advice on the technical solutions to be implemented, focusing in particular on the product, the flows and the operator. 
  • assessment and consideration of contamination risks
    to protect the operator, the product and the environment, we assess the risk of contamination (by inert, live or chemical particles) from the design phase.
  • solutions corresponding with your issues thanks to our R&D department
  • implementation of the best energy compromises and optimisation of installation and operating costs.
    We commit to minimising the discharge and environmental footprint of technical facilities (air and water contamination and emission of chemical components).
  • architecture and design in keeping with your values, your charter and your corporate image.



Our references in a variety of domains attest to our expertise which is fully at your disposal:

  • pharmaceutical industries (from injectable and sterile medications to blood derivatives)
  • health
  • cosmetics
  • biotechnology (issues relating to confinement and biosafety laboratories)
  • agri-food industries
  • cutting edge industries sensitive to particulate, biological or chemical contamination.