Why join us

Work experience policy and partnerships with education establishments

As part of its recruitment policy, the GSE Group maintains relationships with engineering students, targeting in particular those looking for end-of-studies work experience. The objective is to raise awareness of the GSE group's business and its different facets.

Our work experience policy

The GSE Group proposes a variety of end-of-studies work experience opportunities, giving "priority" access to entry level Project engineer positions. We at the GSE Group believe that end-of-studies work experience is the most pragmatic way to recruit our future employees.

We offer varied work experience in our different departments in France and in our subsidiaries. The international coverage of the GSE Group gives you the opportunity to build diverse experience within professional teams and apply the knowledge gained during your initial education in the field.

Special care is given to the successful completion of this work experience and the integration of trainees into our teams. Our objective is to rapidly develop your autonomy and train you in the techniques of our business so that your work experience is a stepping stone towards a job within the GSE Group.


Our partnerships with education establishments

We endeavour to develop special links with Engineering schools to create genuine partnerships:

  • our business experts provide project management courses within INSA Lyon,
  • we participate in university forums: INSA Toulouse forum, Rhône-Alpes forum, ETP forum, etc.
  • we sponsor students' projects (sponsorship of a team of two students from INSA at the 4L TROPHY, sponsorship of a bicycle trip around the world by two students (ESTP and ESC Reims), etc.)