Why join us

Our recruitment policy

GSE staff are essentially employed under open-ended contracts. Loyalty among our teams is a priority.

This is why the GSE is developing an ambitious recruitment policy to attract and retain talent and encourage the diversity of the recruited profiles.

Attract talent

Performance in terms of employee recruitment and retention is a strategic challenge for the GSE group. Aware of the importance of its human capital, the group has acquired significant human and financial resources to build on this capital.

The GSE group is resolutely focusing on a qualitative approach to recruitment. This is why the candidates are carefully short-listed, notably via technical and personality tests or case studies, and go through 2 to 4 interviews depending on the job profile.


Retain talent


The GSE group provides every new employee with a personalised induction as well as a number of tools designed to facilitate their integration into the company:

  • an integration programme involving meeting the principal contacts and understanding how the company works,
  • a "new entrants" seminar organised to promote exchanges amongst recently hired employees and enable everyone to embrace the group's culture
Controlling your career

The GSE group will give you numerous opportunities to change functions or work abroad. You will openly discuss your annual goals with your manager and, thanks to our many training programmes, you will constantly develop to advance in your business and career.

An attractive remuneration policy

We recognise everyone's contribution to the company's performance. We guarantee fair and competitive remuneration on a given market. According to your country and function, your overall remuneration may include bonuses, complementary health insurance and welfare scheme, a company savings plan, retirement assessment, etc.


Encourage diversity

Diversity, a key progress factor for the GSE group, is one of our greatest assets, and comes from our 17 branches in France and 14 sites abroad. We are determined to fight against any form of discrimination in terms of recruitment and career development, to support gender equality in the workplace and increase the number of female executives, to hire and retain young and senior employees.