The group's jobs

Expertise activities

Expertise activities include Studies, Purchasing, Quality/Safety, Utilities, After-sales service, etc. which are directly linked to the Project Manager. Every expert is accountable for the application of the relevant policy, tools and good practices in his area of expertise, providing the technical teams with a daily support in their projects. 

Our business experts know how to work well in a team, have an excellent critical and well-structured judgement and negotiation skills, allowing them to thrive within the GSE.


Heat engineer and/or Electrician

The Heat Engineer and/or Electrician ensure the data integration of the electrical and thermal subjects during the project’s study and realization phases. He contributes to the competitiveness proposal by measuring risks in order to optimize design, while relying on a strong supply chain and respecting the GSE methods.


Studies “activity”

The Economist conducts a technical and financial study of the proposal, realizes the project estimation (technical and financial recommendations), defines the specifications and conducts call for tender with the Purchasing Engineer.

Multi-skilled, he can handle various missions from the customer relationship to the coordination of design offices, purchases or subcontractors, depending of his experience.

The Purchasing Study Director is involved in the proposal process to ensure the competitiveness of the quotations.


Purchasing Engineer

The Purchasing Engineer implements the purchasing strategy defined by the group, with a business plan, to improve the competitiveness of the offers and to reduce cost. He daily assists technical teams in the consultation dossier and in the purchasing operations process. He participates to the framework contracts and to the commercial partnerships’ signature.


HQE Engineer (Hygien/Quality/Environment)

The HQE Engineer works for gaining environmental certifications (HQE French type or other referentials like Breeam, LEED,…) by issuing recommendations during the design phase, training technical teams to the environmental certification process or by realizing audit preparations. His relationship and teaching qualities are essentials for success.