Our HR policy

The values we share

Our values shape our company, our customer focused approach and our working methods. We are looking for talent who share these values.

You are passionate

The staff in our group are first and foremost women and men who share a passion for their trade. We do everything we can to establish a genuine partnership with our clients and subcontractors while facilitating the completion of their construction projects. We nurture our talent by helping our staff reach their full potential.


You are curious

We value curiosity as it adds value to the group. We encourage our staff to innovate and think outside the box. The diversity of our employee profiles is the driving force of our company. It allows us to promote the sharing of expertise and largely contributes to the quality of our projects.


You are efficient

We are determined to take action and deliver results. We are pragmatic and action-oriented. We set ambitious and practical operational objectives, taking calculated risks. We adapt to change in a flexible manner.


You like to work in a team

The GSE group's true added value is our project mode organisation. Our business requires a participatory project management approach where staff can share their ideas, which helps create conviviality in the workplace. Teamwork is therefore one of the strengths of the GSE Group, supplemented by autonomy and initiatives.