Our HR policy

Perspectives for the future

As an engineering company, the GSE Group's principal asset is its human resources, which includes the body of knowledge, individual and collective experience and know-how accrued while working on projects. This knowledge and know-how are constantly updated through the Group's investment in training, which remains a HR priority.

Furthermore, internal mobility reflects the desire to expand our business by disseminating our working methods while adapting them to a constantly changing market.

Training and skills development

The GSE group promotes a genuine sharing policy, because we know that sharing the company's knowledge and know-how is a source of advancement and progress. The objective is to promote the professional development of every one of our employees, the GSE group's number one asset.

The GSE group regards training as an investment in the future. The training plan is defined in accordance with the group's strategic guidelines, the regulatory and technical developments of our industry, the safety actions targeted and the need for everyone to enhance their skills with a view to advancing in their career. In 2013, nearly 4% of the wage bill was dedicated to training, 90% of the staff completed training courses, with an average of 3.7 training days for each employee of the GSE Group.

Training programmes are in place to provide everyone with career advancement options in our different domains, from a technical as well as developmental perspective: languages, team management, technical retraining, legal aspects, IT tools, etc.

During their career, we also propose a team management programme to help future managers conduct interviews, develop their leadership skills, manage difficult situations, etc.

We focus on career advancement

Our Human Resources Department is keen to support the group's talent and promote career advancement.

Career paths and opportunities give access to more senior positions or help perform the same job in different business sectors or territories, via:

Inter-subsidiary mobility in France (perform a similar job in different sectors/types of building):

  • CCR: if you wish to work for small and medium-sized business and industries, with a focus on close links with clients (with 15 branches across France)
  • GSE: if you wish to design major logistics, industrial and tertiary projects
  • GAM: if you wish to exercise your trade in the renovation and retail property sector

Geographical mobility:

  • in France and within one of the group's 17 sites
  • abroad with expatriate status: UK, Germany, Spain, Italy, Romania, Hungary, Poland, China

Functional mobility:

for example you can move from Design and Construction Manager to Technical Director, from Project Engineer to Design & Purchasing Director, etc.

*2013 figures