Our HR policy

A cohesive structure

Our international structure of 412 staff allows us to maintain close working relationships, while enjoying the benefits of a dynamic SME where everyone is known and recognised. This allows every employee to play a key part in the organisation, to take on responsibility and work autonomously.

Knowledge sharing

GSE cohesive structure and project mode organisation allows everyone to share their ideas and submit proposals. This spirit of free communication and accountability is what allows our staff to constantly develop and thrive within GSE.


An international company

GSE proposes a global approach to the corporate property sector and supports its clients from the design phase to the turnkey delivery of their projects. Within the GSE group, more than 19 nationalities regularly collaborate on projects. Cultural diversity is widely encouraged as it is a source of innovation and shared experience.

  • Our strength: a renewed vision of project management.
  • Our method: mobilising teams from diverse backgrounds to facilitate better understanding of our clients and adapt our projects to the specific requests of each country.


*2018 figures