Unsere internationalen Agenturen


Our business in the UK started in 2001 with a project in Lutterworth, followed by others in Leicestershire. Our Lutterworth office opened in December 2002. Since then, we have built over 700,000 m² for our clients in the UK.

The strength of a group with more than 40 years’ experience

For over 40 years, GSE has successfully developed and deployed its expertise as a general contractor in turnkey design and construction.

Our unique approach contractually guarantees:

  • the quality of the work
  • the price
  • the handover deadline

This has become a standard requirement for our clients. Many now seek to secure their projects by optimising costs and deadlines.

We have developed and perfected this concept. We put our entire expertise at the service of your project. 

Our organisation

Our local team will guide you through the process we set up for each project, introduce you to our working methods and answer any questions you may have about the processes involved.

We work with you from the earliest stage of your project’s design, to study and advise you on the options and the best way to approach the construction of your project, relying on our team of experts.

Our sales team works hand in hand with our technical team to produce proposals that more than meet clients’ requirements. Our engineers assess the best solutions in terms of cost and technologies – providing you with custom-made, innovative designs.

Our project managers and their on-site teams manage the consultation and commissioning of subcontractors, as well as the supervision of all construction work. They are in charge of delivery, quality of work, financial management, coordination of subcontractors and relations with clients.

Our Quality, Safety and Methods department ensures that all procedures are followed throughout the duration of the works, in order to guarantee a safe working environment.

Once the project is delivered, we accompany the client during the one-year warrantee period to provide them with a premium service and ensure their building is fully functional.