Unsere internationalen Agenturen


GSE Italia, a GSE Group subsidiary, is an engineering company specialised in the design and construction of turnkey projects for head offices, industrial buildings, logistics platforms and R&D centres. Our approach provides clients with guarantees in terms of price, deadlines and quality.

Our history

GSE Italia was founded in 1997 and is based in Milan. Our work as Turnkey Contractor began in Italy with the construction of the Auchan shopping centre in Turin and of the Michelin logistics platform in northern Italy. Since then, the branch’s activity has continued to develop thanks to the group's international expertise and the collaboration of specialised local suppliers. Our clients’ trust throughout these years has contributed to our subsidiary’s success, as well as to consolidating our professionalism in the construction industry!


Our organisation

Our team is made up of engineers and technicians who know the market and its regulations perfectly. They develop customised solutions for each client.

On the technical side, we rely on the GSE Group’s expertise, acquired over 40 years in the business and shared through ongoing contact with the local branches. On the project management level, though, the local Project Managers operate independently, with full technical and commercial responsibility for the operations. The head office provides support by applying procedures, including the control of the buildings’ quality.

The result? A simple and efficient organisation that offers both the guarantees of an international group and the simplicity and straightforward communication of a small entity that’s always tuned in to its clients. This type of organisation enables us to respond to complex cases in the shortest time possible and to offer the best value for money.

GSE Italia develops the projects in full observance of the technical requirements relating to the building’s future activity, while optimising construction costs and guaranteeing a handover date and a level of quality. GSE Italia also helps its clients in the environmental certification process (LEED, BREEAM, HQE). We work alongside our clients throughout the project, offering them the most suitable contractual solution.