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GSE has operated in Hungary since 2001. In the past 17 years, we have built more than 250,000 m² in this country for major groups such as Becton Dickinson, Auchan, Continental and Renault Nissan.

We put at the service of your real estate project our full understanding of the local business environment and our comprehensive expertise in the field of construction design. Being a general contractor enables us to contractually guarantee you a price, a deadline and the quality of the building.

GSE will leverage its experience in Hungary, across Europe and in China to ensure your project’s success. With GSE as your General Contractor, you can secure your project and control costs at all stages, relying on the global management we provide. GSE selects the subcontractors involved in the project on the basis of the highest quality standards and strict operating procedures, verifying their references and reputation.

Our organisation

With GSE, you receive a global proposal covering everything from the design to the construction of your real estate projects.

At every stage of your project, you will benefit from the permanent support of the Sales Engineer & Project Manager team, as well as the assistance of experts: design managers, thermal and electrical engineers, legal and insurance managers, etc. with a dedicated organisation focused on your project.

GSE handles every aspect of your project

  • Scouting for land
  • Financial and legal planning
  • Definition of the project’s characteristics
  • Technical and architectural design
  • Optimisation studies (technical, financial)
  • Administrative procedures
  • Certification procedures
  • Quality / Safety measures
  • Turnkey projects
  • Support for the building’s initial operation and maintenance