The GSE products

Innovation is our second nature. We record all our achievements in modernity ensuring a control over ourselves on all the factors of progress that we integrate into our thoughts.

For the same reasons, we monitor vigilantly their impact on the environment, because what we do today builds tomorrow’s world. Our objective? To be proud of our work and earn the satisfaction of our customers through the quality of design and construction of our buildings.

MODULOG, an innovative construction system designed to enhance your performance.

Designed specifically to meet the needs and constraints in logistics, MODULOG® is a unique concept designed by GSE in the service of your performance.
The construction and operation of your logistics building is a major investment for your business and your strategy: they have human, technical and economic implications. With MODULOG®, you obtain an efficient logistics warehouse, which is based on an industrialised process and a perfect command of your needs and constraints.


CÉCODIA sustainability and well-being at work available to SMEs

Its experience and proven expertise allowed GSE to imagine a real pioneering concept of wooden desks where ecology and wellness go hand in hand with a competitive price. Ten years of experience and technical expertise in the design and construction of office buildings allow us to offer an innovative concept.
With cécodia®, GSE has chosen a progressive approach combining technical and economic performance, with fair social conditions for the sake of welfare of employees and rational management of resources.


IDEAPARK Build your future as you see it!

Designed to accommodate 10 to 30 entities, idea’park®, an exclusive concept of GSE, is a modular professional space, which can accommodate SMEs, artisans, traders or professionals.

idea’park®, village of entrepreneurs, is designed to accommodate ten to thirty companies in modular professional spaces. The principles of modularity, functionality and durability are among its major assets. The idea’park® parks are developed in partnership with local authorities represented by the planning and development agencies.